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Can you plan for a disaster?

 Late last year, reports started circulating about people in China becoming infected with pneumonia. Officials said they were monitoring to prevent it being spread and developing into something more severe. When we were all clinking glasses on New Year’s Eve 2019,...

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It wasn’t all that long ago that backing up files meant adding another blank page and sheet of carbon paper before you started typing. That extra copy would be added to the filing cabinet and voila! Backup done. Carbon paper has now gone the way of the Walkman and...

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Held to ransom

When you hear about something involving ransom, you immediately think of phone taps, the FBI and shady characters collecting bags of cash. In 2020, the characters are still shady but now they’re operating online, and cyber security organisations seem powerless to stop...

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What can a CIO do for your business?

Have you wondered what a CIO could do for your business? After all, you have your business plans in place, and you’ve chosen your staff wisely. You’ve invested in plant and stock. You’ve spent time and money developing a quality system and you’re implementing your...

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How to deliver a compelling ROI through automation

By Suresh Weerasingham Every project should start with clearly defined objectives and execution plan. In fact, delivering to these objectives begins with defining the expected high-level outcomes before a program or project is approved. This is where benefits...

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